Origami by Andrew Anselmo


My repertoire covers many of the classic models, and I am also available to design original pieces. I can teach many other models, but permission from the creator needs to obtained first.

Live Speed Folding

Below are just some of the "speed folding" designs that I can create during live performances. Traditional models are usually best for live performances, because they can be created quickly. Some of the models are of my own design. One model here, deg farrelly's butterfly, although simple, is quite elegant, and an action model to boot!

Favorites by Others

Some of the pieces that I like to fold just for fun are designs that have been created by other origami artists. I include them here to show the complexity of the designs that can be generated. Their complexity, alas, does not lend themselves to teaching or live performances, since they generally take a bit of time to create.

My ultimate personal favorites are Peter Engel's 'heart with arrow', Maekawa's 'T-Rex' and Michael LaFosse's 'F-14' - which actually flies!