Origami by Andrew Anselmo

Other Projects

Stega Car

Welcome to the Stega Car's home page.  This is a less intricate Art Car than the Shark Car, but was a hit nonetheless at Halloween and at Boston's First Night.   For details on construction, see the Shark Car.

Halloween 2000

The head, fins, and spiked tail were originally built for a Toyota for Halloween.  Here's a picture of the first Stega Car:


The first Stega Car.

First Night Boston 2001

Courtesy of the JP Art Car Project, a few Art Car aficionadosgot to be in the Boston First Night festivities.  Originally, the Shark Car was to make an appearance, but high winds prevented a safe display of its finery.  Here, the Shark Car has dropped its blue fins and traded them in for an orange head, spikes and tail.  Christmas lights, hooked up to a 300 W Radio Shack DC to AC power inverter gave the spikes some added illumination.  Blackboard chalk was used to decorate the tires.

Here are some photos from that event:

toyota_img toyota_img

The Stega Car, at left, before the start of the parade, and at right, on the parade route.  One big advantage of being in an Art Car for First Night - you get to stay in a nice cozy warm car while everyone else stands in the cold.