Origami by Andrew Anselmo


Fish For Art

I was sitting in the Someday Cafe folding fish, and putting them on the window ledge in the corner. I put up a small sign 'FISH FOR ART' with a borrowed piece of tape. Most of the fish were still there after a week, probably because this was the time that the Mystic River Parade / Fish For Art projects were underway. I also gave these fish out to kids willing to risk life and limb to come up to my Shark Car on the parade route for the Mystic River Parade, where it made its first appearance.

I was curious to see what the effect of other microinstallations would have on the Someday's clientele and people who walked by. Here are some other origami additions to the windows. Some of them got swept away by the night crew after one day, others stayed put for a few days.

Birds of a Feather

The next microinstallation was a group of flapping birds, with the tag "Birds of a Feather."


Ship Are Safe in Harbors...

The following microinstallation was a bunch of sailboats, with the tag, "Ships are safe in harbors, but that's not what ships were built for."


Strawberry Fields Forever

The next microinstallation was a bunch of strawberries. People tend to like strawberries. Each day, a few of them would disappear. This strawberry can be found in The Complete Origami Collection, by Toshie Takahama; it was designed by Rae Cooker, and the diagrams may also be available online. The tag above them was "Strawberry Fields Forever."


Winter Is Coming

I dropped by the Someday on a cold afternoon in the fall, and put up the following. The tag reads "Winter is Coming." Although, as someone pointed out, it's going to be summer in Antarctica while it is winter here.