Origami by Andrew Anselmo

Private Events

I have performed at bar mitzvahs, children's birthday parties, in hospitals, corporate events, award events, and even at Cub Scout meetings; each performance is tailored to the event. Please e-mail me with the details of your event, and I can provide ideas and references for the style of performance that would best fit your needs. Folding fixed pieces for weddings and gifts (without being present) generally does not pose scheduling problems, however, the number and complexity of the models can pose delivery constraints.

Corporate and Trade Show Events

Corporate events can be a bit slow sometimes, but with origami, they can be made far more interesting. People, even grownups, are always fascinated by folding paper. I provide an excellent low key, professional performance which can be silent or with conversation. Classic origami pieces, as well as special elements (dollar bill origami is good for financial folks) can be made. Origami is also good at trade shows; a recent one I did in St. Louis for a Hemophilia Federation of America event was fantastic, and both adults and kids enjoyed it. A recent comment from the firm that hired me:

Everyone from our team and the clients LOVED your performance. The kids and parents just loved you. So you made me look really good :) My boss even said "where'd you find Andy?" - K. Smith, Pivot Design

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a lot of fun, for both myself and the kids I entertain. Depending on the age range of the audience, I can teach them a variety of models. They get to go home with something they created, and in the worst case scenario, without leaving anything else but a bunch of paper behind! Here are some photos from a party I did; we made a variety of hats out of newspaper, and a few classic models such as the cup and grasshopper.

Helping kids out! After making boulders.

Making origami hats from newspapers.