About Faneuil Hall

Busking in Faneuil Hall was a completely different experience than Waterfire.   Like Waterfire, it is by invitation (via Faneuil Hall Marketplace), at least for the core Faneuil Hall Market area.   It had a few hurdles:

  • Send in an application – this involved the usual, a performer’s resume, three letters of recommendation, and a DVD of your performance.
  • Schedule an audition in front of a live Faneuil Hall audience.
  • Go to the audition
  • Find out if you were accepted
  • Get insurance (!)

Once you were in, you just didn’t show up when and where you felt like it.   There was a complex process of selecting when you wanted to perform, and your pitch was set by Faneuil Hall.   The process changed slightly, but it is still not a trivial thing to be invited to perform there.

An interesting place to perform, but it isn’t ideal for certain acts.   Faneuil Hall is more for shopping and tourists, not slow walks and contemplation.   The professionalism of the performers was high, and there was a bit camaraderie.   Malik the Magician showed me the ropes, and his pitch was a few shops down from mine, and a few musician folks I knew from way back when (Goli) also were there.




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